Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3
DWG3 XBOX360front.jpgDynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 XBOX360 boxart
DeveloperOmega Force
PublisherNamco Bandai Games
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • Release Date
  • Jun 28, 11 [USA]
  • Jul 1, 1 [EUR]
  • Dec 16, 10 [UK]
  • GenreAction

    Set in the future, chaotic warfare has engulfed the universe. The world is ripe with strife as gigantic mecha called Mobile Suits march to war on land and in space. Featuring characters and mecha from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga series, DYNASTY WARRIORS:GUNDAM 3 thrusts players into the galactic melee with over 50 playable and upgradable characters and over 70 playable and upgradeable Mobile Suits combed from the Gundam universe. New additions include Mobile Suits from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam UC and many more.


    [edit] Story

    A strange planet is drawing in the elite mobile suit pilots from all over the universe. Unknown of the reasons behind why they were united, they use their mobile suits to try to get to the bottom of it, forming alliances with other cast members of the Gundam series for one reason or another.

    The story mode is divided into different chapters, allowing you to play out the missions involved, usually themed with something indicative of the personalities of the allowed characters for that specific chapter.

    [edit] Gameplay

    DYNASTY WARRIORS:GUNDAM 3 also features a number of gameplay additions to the series, including 3 brand new featured systems, including the Partner Strike, Emergency Dash and Recovery Gauge Systems, which will bring a new level of full-out tactical action to the series. The Partner Strike System will enable the player to summon partner characters to the battlefield to assist at crucial moments, affecting your character’s current melee engagement or possibly the overall battlefield conditions for your army. The Emergency Dash System will allow players to execute new cancel and evasion moves negating enemy attacks. This system will bring a new level to gameplay since powerful combos can be more easily parried. The new Recovery Gauge System enables players to recover armor during battle allowing players more flexibility in their tactics on the battlefield.

    Additionally, the DYNASTY WARRIORS:GUNDAM 3 brings a new strategy facet to gameplay. Battlefields now incorporate multiple facilities with various functions. Capturing these locations will change the battlefield conditions and turn the tide of the battle in your favor. By initiating an explosion via certain attacks, players will be able to cause further carnage with their own chain of explosions. Skillful players can use this system to finish off entire squads of Mobile Suits in one blow, thus turning the tide of battle in their favor.

    [edit] Characters

    In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, you take control of a number of ace pilots in a fair amount of iconic series of the Gundam universe. Just as well, new pilots have been promised to be added in the form of DLC, with some such as Allelujah Haptism from the Gundam 00 series.

    For a full list of characters and game related information on them, go to the Characters page.

    [edit] Mobile Suits

    The available mobile suits span over the different series that the characters can be found in, including both the specialized mobile suits with specific pilots and the grunt mobile suits that are usually mass produced.

    For a full list of mobile suits and game related information on them, go to the Mobile Suits page.

    [edit] Missions

    Different mission types are playable in this iteration of the series, spanning from the story missions for the main game, to the history missions that help paint a better picture of a particular series for those unfamiliar, to the challenge missions to force players to play in the hardest difficulty setting, often with grunt mobile suits.

    For a full list of missions and game related information and guides on them, go to the Missions.

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