Gundam F91

Gundam F91
Mobile Suit ModelFormula 91
AppearanceMobile Suit Gundam F91


[edit] Gundam F91

[edit] Faction

Earth Federation

[edit] Description

This SNRI prototype is a product of the Federation's miniaturized MS program. Its face mask can open to cool the bio-computer in its head. Thanks to its high generator output, the F91 can drive multiple beam weapons, including a pair of VSBR units.

[edit] Armament

vulcan gun x 2
mega machine cannon x 2
Variable Speed Beam Rifle [VSBR] x 2
beam shield
beam saber x 2
beam rifle
beam launcher

[edit] Height

15.2 meters

[edit] Weight

19.9 tons

[edit] Generator

4250 kW

[edit] Thrusters

88,400 kg

[edit] Armor

Gundarium alloy ceramic composite

[edit] Pilot

Seabook Arno

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