Heavyarms Kai EW

Heavyarms Kai EW
Gundam ModelHeavyarms Kai
AppearanceMobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz


[edit] Gundam Heavyarms Kai

[edit] Head Height

16.7 m

[edit] Dry Weight

8.2 t

[edit] Generator Output

3190 kW

[edit] Thruster Output

773750 kg

[edit] Armor

Gundanium Alloy

[edit] Armament

vulcan x 2
machine cannon x 2
micromissile x 52
homing missile x 36
double gatling gun x 2
gatling cannon x 4

[edit] Pilots

Trowa Barton

[edit] Description

One of the five Gundams created for Operation Meteor, Heavyarms was a walking arsenal of machine guns, gatlings, and missiles, capable of delivering devastating firepower at any range. It was eventually upgraded for space combat, and the remodeled Heavyarms Kai was outfitted with a pair of hand-held double-barreled gatling guns. Though it lacks melee weapons, the combat skills of pilot Trowa Barton make the Heavyarms Kai a lethal opponent even in close combat.

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