Trowa Barton

Trowa Barton
Trowa Barton.jpg
NameTrowa Barton
BirthplaceL3 Colony
Gundams PilotedHeavyarms, Heavyarms Kai, Vayeate
MentorProfessor Dr. S

Trowa is the quietest of the pilots and hides himself within a travelling circus. Actually, his name isn't even really Trowa. He took this name from the real Trowa Barton that was originally supposed to be the pilot of Heavyarms, but was killed in an act of fear. Trowa is actually quite depressed with not being able to show his emotions, but meeting the other Gundam Pilots changed all this. He seems to feel closest to Quatre, and has risked his life many times trying to protect him.

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