Wufei Chang

Wufei Chang
Chang Wufei.jpg
NameChang Wufei
BirthplaceL5 Colony
Gundams PilotedShenlong, Altron
MentorMaster O

Wufei is strict, proud, and at times, quite arrogant. He also has a very strong sense of honor. Married at the age of 14, Wufei's wife died protecting him. Ever since then he seems to struggle with what justice really is. Throughout the series Wufei tries to find his true purpose, although he goes through many hardships in the process.

[edit] Quotes

"I don't kill bleeding hearts or women."

"You saw I was a kid, and you under-estimated me."

"DAMMIT! I didn't think I'd win..."

"I do not deserve to pilot Nataku."

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