Altron EW

Altron EW
Gundam ModelAltron
AppearanceMobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz


[edit] Gundam Altron

[edit] Model Number


[edit] Head Height

16.4 m

[edit] Dry Weight

7.5 t

[edit] Generator Output

3045 kW

[edit] Thruster Output

74760 kg

[edit] Armor

Gundanium Alloy

[edit] Armament

twin beam trident x 1
vulcan x 2
dragon fang x 2

[edit] Pilot

Chang Wufei

[edit] Description

When the Shenlong was captured by Oz, it was reconstructed by the five scientists who originally developed the Gundams, to create the even more fearsome Altron Gundam. With a double-ended twin beam trident in place of the original-beam glaive, and a pair of of oversized highly extendable dragon fang claws, the Altron is unmatched as a close-range fighter. Its name is derived from its two dragon fangs: "er-to long" being Chinese for "two-headed dragon," But its pilot prefers to call his Gundam, "Nataku."

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