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[edit] the world

The battles of Char's Counterattack are fought primarily between Char Aznable's Neo Zeon fleet and the Earth Federation's Londo Bell taskforce; the other fleets of the Federation Space Force are wary of joining the battle, for fear that the space colonies where they are stationed will turn against them. Londo Bell is headquarted at Side 1's Londenion space colony. The Neo Zeon fleet is based at Sweetwater, a makeshift refugee colony which is located behind the moon in the neighborhood of Side 3.

As the story begins, the Neo Zeon fleet has seized the asteroid 5th Luna. They plan to use the asteroid's engines to knock it out of Earth orbit and set it falling towards the Earth Federation capital in Lhasa, Tibet. By filling Earth's atmosphere with dust, successive asteroid impacts will create a "nuclear winter," forcing the planet's population to flee the frozen Earth and join their fellows in the space colonies. Thus Char hopes to realize the dream of his father, the visionary Zeon Zum Deikun. To combat Char, Londo Bell ace pilot Amuro Ray has commissioned a unique new mobile suit. Early in the story, Amuro's Nu Gundam is delivered to the Londo Bell via a mass driver, one of the electromagnetic catapults installed on the lunar surface to raw materials towards the space colonies.

[edit] space fleets

The Neo Zeon fleet consists of 13 Musaka-class cruisers led by Char's flagship, the battleship Rewloola. Their mobile suit forces include some 82 Geara Dogas, and Char's personal mobile suit Sazabi. The smaller Londo Bell taskforce is made up of just three Clop-class cruisers - the Ra Zyme, Ra Kiem, and Ra Chutter - and the battleship Ra Cailum. Its mobile suit complement consists on only 18 Jegans, the Re-Gz, and the NU Gundam.

Both the Neo Zeon warships and the newest Federation Space Force vessels are designed along similar lines, the result of more than a decade of experience with mobile suit combat. These ships are protected by batteries of anti-aircraft guns and, during battle, their crews can relocate to a combat bridge buried deep within the ship's hull. All modern warships are designed to carry several mobile suits, and are equipped with catapults to launch them safely clear of the vessel itself.

With radar largely nullified by Minovsky particle interference, modern warships and mobile suits alike rely on computer-enhanced visual displays to locate and identify enemy forces. These visual sensors can often be tricked by inflatable dummy balloons, which are used to confuse enemies and mislead them about the size of one's own forces.

[edit] mobile suits

The mobile suits of Char's Counterattack employ many of the new technologies introduced during the Gryps conflict and the first Neo Zeon war. However, in the interests of reliability and cost-effectiveness, they're generally simpler in design than the transforming machines of years past.

All mobile suit cockpits are now equipped with a 360-degree panoramic display, whose computer-enhanced visuals create the illusion that the pilot himself is flying through space. The pilot's linear seat is mounted on a shock-absorbing stabilizer arm, and an inflatable shock-balloon expands from the main console to cushion the force of unexpected impacts. Instead of joystticks, the mobile suit is operated using trackball-style devices called arm rakes, whose finger switches can be used for precision control.

Another innovation introduced during the Gryps Conflict is the use of support vehicles known as sleds. Originally used as flying platforms for atmospheric combat, these devices are also employed in space to extend mobile suits' operating range. Most sleds are equipped with cockpits, but they can also be controlled externally by their mobile suit passengers. The Federation and the Neo Zeon each have their own type of sled, called the Base Jabber and Shackles respectively.

[edit] newtype technology

During the One Year War, the Principality of Zeon established a research agency called the Flanagan Institute to investigate the military applications of Newtypes. The institute's researchers developed a mind-machine interface called the psycommu system, which allowed a Newtype to control remote weapons and command a huge mobile armor by thought alone.

After the war, this research was continued by the Earth Federation's Newtype Labs, which devised cyber-enhancement techniques for turning ordinary humans into artificial Newtypes. Meanwhile, renegade Zeons based at the asteroid Axis developed a compact psycommu system which could be installed in ordinary-sized mobile suits. These mobile suits were equipped with a new type of remote weapon, tiny telepathically-controlled gun pods called funnels.

As a Newtype himself, Char is well aware of their potential in battle. Not only has he used the cyber-enhancement process on his underling Gyunei Guss, and developed several funnel-equipped machines for his Newtype pilots, but his personal mobile suit Sazabi employs a radical new psyco-frame concept. The Sazabi's cockpit walls and inner frame are packed with tiny psycommu receivers, allowing it to respond instantly to Char's thoughts. This psyco-frame technology was somehow leaked to the R&D Division of Anaheim Electronics, and then employed in the construction of Amuro Ray's Nu Gundam.

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