Characters DWG3

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 features a slew of characters to choose from. Here is a list of those characters in order by series. Click on the character to see more information about their role in this game.


[edit] Char's Counterattack

[edit] G Gundam

[edit] Gundam 00

[edit] Gundam Unicorn

[edit] Gundam 0083

[edit] Gundam F91

[edit] Gundam SEED Destiny

[edit] Gundam Wing

[edit] Gundam X

[edit] Mobile Suit Gundam

[edit] SD Gundam

[edit] Turn-A Gundam

[edit] V Gundam

[edit] Gundam Universe

[edit] Zeta Gundam

[edit] ZZ Gundam

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