Gundam Wing Episode Summary

Episode 1 - The Shooting Star She Saw

In an effort to end many years of tyrannical rule, five pilots and their Gundams are sent to Earth to begin "Operation Meteor". Four of them land without a problem, but the pilot of Wing Gundam is intercepted.

Episode 2 - The Gundam Deathscythe

Even after Heero threatens her, Relena Darlian refuses to believe he's as bad as he lets on. Her attempts to confront him are interrupted by the arrival of Duo Maxwell.

Episode 3 - Five Gundams Confirmed

Zechs Marquise and his OZ soldiers begin terrorist attacks on military installations and confirm that a total of five Gundams have landed.

Episode 4 - The Victoria Nightmare

Zechs arrives at the OZ base in Victoria to inspect the troops. While there, the base falls under attack of one of the Gundams.

Episode 5 - Relena's Secret

Relena and her father travel to the colonies to try and prevent a war. As always though, some people don't want peace. Relena suffers a great tragedy, and also discovers her true identity.

Episode 6 - Party Night

Relena returns to Earth after the death of her father. She refuses to cancel her birthday party, and it is soon trashed by OZ Special Forces who want her dead. Help comes from a surprising source.

Episode 7 - Scenario for Bloodshed

The Gundam Pilots plot an attack on the New Edwards Base. They find that they have underestimated OZ, and that they have walked right into a trap!

Episode 8 - The Treize Assassination

After making the Gundams her new target, Lady Une hits the self-destruct sequence on the New Edwards Base. It's all up to Heero to prevent something terrible from happening.

Episode 9 - Portrait of a Ruined Country

The United Earth Sphere Alliance collapses, sending the entire planet into chaos. This turn of events allows OZ to step forward and take control. Zechs on the other hand is interested in something different entirely, and is searching for the ruins of the Sanc Kingdom.

Episode 10 - Heero, Distracted by Defeat

Lady Une informs her troops on another strategy to defeat the Gundams. Heero and Zechs face each other again, but this time it's Wing Gundam against Tallgeese.

Episode 11 - The Whereabouts of Happiness

The Gundams have been defeated. The pilots don't have a chance with the colonies being used as shields. Relena heads to Moscow on the tail of her father's killer, and no one knows whether Heero is dead or alive.

Episode 12 - Bewildered Soldiers

The Gundam's must fight to maintain peace. Wufei encounters Sally Po on the battlefield and tells her that the week should not fight. Lost in his emotions, Wufei decides to pilot Gundam once more.

Episode 13 - Catherine's Tears

OZ has turned its attention towards outer space. Trowa so desperately wants to save the colonies that he heads into his final battle, but Catherine stands in his way.

Episode 14 - The Order to Destroy 01

Heero confronts Silvia Noventa in order to atone for his mistake of killing her grandfather, pacifist leader Noventa. Meanwhile Zechs is given an order from the Romefeller Foundation.

Episode 15 - To the Battleground, Antarctica

Zech's nature makes him want to face Heero once again. Noin invites Heero to Antarctica, where Zechs awaits. It seems like another party is also about to join the battle. The revival of the Gundam is going to cause a stir on it's own.

Episode 16 - The Sorrowful Battle

Zechs is waiting at the South Pole with the newly re-built Wing Gundam. After Heero arrives and their duel begins, Relena shows up and tries to stop them from wasting their lives.

Episode 17 - Betrayed by Home, Far away

OZ begins its plan to destroy the Alliance military once and for all. Duo and Quatre head to space so they can warn the colonies of the approaching danger. After arriving, they find that they have been declared the enemy.

Episode 18 - Tallgeese Destroyed

The battle between Tallgeese and Gundam comes to an end for now. Zechs refuses to fight for the Romefeller foundation any longer.

Episode 19 - Assault on Barge

Gundam Deathscythe battles OZ's mobile suits in space all by itself, but with a price. Duo ends up getting captured! Heero searches for Duo so he can kill him.

Episode 20 - The Lunar Base Infiltration

OZ is developing new secret Mobile Suits, and Heero accepts the mission to sneak into their base and destroy operations. While inside, he meets an unexpected person.

Episode 21 - Grief Stricken Quatre

A white Mobile Suit approaches the colonies, and Lady Une orders Trowa and Heero to destroy it. Meanwhile Quatre returns home for a visit, but what he finds is only more tragedy.

Episode 22 - The Fight for Independence

The colonies begin arming themselves for the approaching battle against OZ. Lady Une becomes an advocate for peace, now acting on behalf of Treize. Their actions are done without consent from the Romefeller Foundation.

Episode 23 - Duo, The God of Death Once Again

Duo escapes from OZ with Lady Une's help and heads to destroy the Mobile Suit reproduction base on the moon. While there he meets a girl soldier named Hilde. Now Duo's choice is much more complicated.

Episode 24 - The Gundam They Call Zero

A Mobile Suit with incredible strength is on a rampage. It's attacking one colony after another in a show of brutal power. Trowa and Heero head off to stop this suit, but are surprised at what they find.

Episode 25 - Quatre vs. Heero

Trowa and Heero must fight their now crazy friend, but find themselves beginning to lose. Meanwhile Treize does not agree with the Romefeller Foundation's plan to use the Mobile Dolls. This results in him being arrested by OZ.

Episode 26 - The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Stars

While Treize is under arrest, some OZ soldiers who remain loyal to him have mounted a coup attempt with plans of liberating him. No matter how trained these Specials are, they still have to go up against Romefeller's newest weapon. The Virgo Mobile Doll!

Episode 27 - The Locus of Victory and Defeat

Heero and Quatre arrive on Earth, but they are the main targets of the Romefeller Foundation.

Episode 28 - Passing Destinies

Although Treize would rather see peace, he begins to discover that denying war isn't the answer either. He now wonders what he should do to inspire the young people who are following him to stop the Romefeller Foundation.

Episode 29 - The Heroine of the Battlefield

The Romefeller Foundation are quickly seizing power over Earth. Heero decides to join Treize's men, because they are fighting against the Conglomerate.

Episode 30 - The Reunion With Relena

Heero continues to fight as a mercenary. Quatre wonders if this is such a good idea, but feels he must do something about the suffering of the people.

Episode 31 - The Glass Kingdom

The Sanc Kingdom has declared itself peaceful, but this does not mean that they're safe. The Romefeller Foundation wants only total domination.

Episode 32 - The God of Death Meets Zero

Quatre and Heero are on Earth, but the rest of the pilots are still in space. Duo is in hiding from OZ who are hunting him down. The test pilot for Wing Zero finds him though, and forces him into piloting the Wing Zero.

Episode 33 - The Lonely Battlefield

Milliardo Peacecraft is going along with his plan of destroying as many Mobile Dolls as he can.

Episode 34 - And It's Name is Epyon

As the rebel's last defence fall, Heero arrives in Luxembourg. Here he is greeted by Treize who has a gift for him. It's the Gundam Epyon, a new mobile suit equipped with Wing Zero's dangerous system.

Episode 35 - The Return of Wufei

Quatre decides to get his Gundam Sandrock back so he can help his friends. Milliardo decides to join the Gundam Pilots because he sees them as a tool he can use.

Episode 36 - Sanc Kingdom's Collapse

Romefeller has started its attack on the last resisting part of the Sanc Kingdom.

Episode 37 - Zero vs. Epyon

All thoughts of peace have been destroyed by Romefeller's terrible want for power. The Sanc Kingdom is now only ruins. Milliardo arrives on Earth much too late to save his Kingdom.

Episode 38 - The Birth of Queen Relena

Quatre finds Trowa at the circus, but poor Trowa's memory is gone. Relena is given the title of queen of the Sanc Kingdom.

Episode 39 - Trowa's Return to The Battlefield

Quinze is the leader of the White Fang, and his only objective is to destroy OZ.

Episode 40 - A New Leader

Heero is tired of all this chaos and decides to take the bull by the horns. His target: the leader of Romefeller.

Episode 41 - Crossfire at Barge

The elite of Romefeller Foundation begin to understand that their forces will not stop White Fang. This disorganization gives Treize the chance he needs to seize power and go after White Fang.

Episode 42 - Battleship Libra

Treize finds Lady Une unconscious in the hospital, and Relena heads for space. More OZ soldiers are coming all the time to fight with Treize against White Fang.

Episode 43 - Target: Earth

The five Gundam pilots are now together on Peacemillion, a space fortress. Many people don't understand what Milliardo is trying to do, the Gundam pilots included. They are horrified by what he's doing.

Episode 44 - Go Forth, Gundam Team

White Fang was able to reproduce the Zero System in the Gundam Epyon, and are using it in their Mobile Dolls to make them extremely dangerous.

Episode 45 - Signs of the Final Battle

Hilde Schbeiker has managed to sneak onto Libra and steal it's detailed plans. As she tried to escape, she is greeted by the Veyate and the Mercurius. They are now Mobile Dolls complete with Heero and Trowa's combat data.

Episode 46 - Milliardo's Decision

Heero sneaks into Libra to try and meet Milliardo. Meanwhile Treize arrives with his troops for the final battle, but he wants a duel with Milliardo first.

Episode 47 - Collision in Space

The five Gundam pilots head into battle knowing that only mass destruction awaits them. The Peacemillion crashes into Libra to block White Fang's way to Earth, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

Episode 48 - Takeoff Into Confusion

Wufei fights Treize and kills him. Quatre fights Dorothy, Duo frees the scientists, Trowa searches for Quatre, and Heero looks for Milliardo so they can complete the final part of their duel.

Episode 49 - The Final Victor

Heero and Milliardo continue to duel. Heero thinks that Milliardo is now dead, and now he must stop Libra's remaining section from crashing into Earth.

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