Heero Yuy

Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy.jpg
NameHeero Yuy
BirthplaceL1 Colony
Gundams PilotedZero One, Wing Zero, Mercurius
MentorDr. J

Heero can be considered the main character of Gundam Wing. Heero was trained to believe that emotions aren't necessary in a soldier. He plans everything perfectly with no room for mistakes, and is extremely hard on himself if he ever does fail. His skills as a pilot are incredible, and is even able to control the mind controlling Zero System. Due to these things, Heero is considered to be the perfect soldier. Deep inside he seems to suffer, and this is more apparent as the series goes on.

[edit] Quotes

(Regarding self-destruction) "In that case I have only one warning. It hurts like Hell."

"Life is something that's cheap, especially mine."

"If you want to die, stay here. If you want to fight, come with me."

"I was lost ever since I was born."

"I killed Marimaia.....I'll never kill anybody again.... I don't have to anymore."

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