Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Complete Collection

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Complete Collection
List of Characters (work in progress)Kou Uraki, Anavel Gato, Cima Garahay, Kelly Layzner
List of Mobile SuitsGundam Zephyranthes, Core Fighter II, Gundam Physalis, GM Kai, GM Custom, Powered GM, Zaku II, Zaku II (Federation Ver.), Dom Tropen,Rick Dom II, Gundam Dendrobium Stamen, Ball, Gelgoog Marine, Val Varo, Gundam Dendrobium, Dra-C, Neue Ziel, Gerbera Tetra
List of Locations (work in progress)Australia


[edit] Summary

Two New Gundams, One New War!

Universal Century 0083. The Federation, having triumphed in the one-year war, has grown complacent, while the last remaining Zeon forces have been planning one final stand. It all hinges on ace Zeon pilot Anavel Gato stealing one of the new prototype Gundams out from under the Federation's nose. With a nuclear-equipped Gundam missing and their pride wounded, the Federation ship Albion and rookie pilot Kou Uraki set out in pursuit of the Zeon thieves and the stolen Gundam.

The entire series in one complete collection!

Disc 1

  • 01. Gundamjack
  • 02. Endless Pursuit
  • 03. Into Battle, Albion
  • 04. Attack and Retreat on the Burning Sand

Disc 2

  • 05. Gundam, to the Sea of Stars
  • 06. The Warrior of Von Braun
  • 07. With Shining Blue Fire

Disc 3

  • 08. Conspiracy Sector
  • 09. The Nightmare of Solomon
  • 10. Colliding War Zones

Disc 4

  • 11. La Vie En Rose
  • 12. Assault on the Point of No Return
  • 13. A Storm Raging Through

[edit] DVD Features

  • English & Japanese Stereo Audio
  • English & Japanese 5.1 Audio
  • English Subtitles

Approx. 325 Minutes Rated 13 Up

[edit] DVD Extras

  • Textless Opening #1
  • Textless Ending #1
  • Mobile Suit Encyclopedia
  • "The Mayfly of Space" animated short
  • Textless Opening #2
  • Textless Ending #2
  • Commercial Collection

[edit] Credits

Original Story: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino Character Design/Animation Director: Toshihiro Kawamoto Mechanical Animation Director: Hirotoshi Sano Mechanical Styling: Shoji Kawamori Mechanical Design: Hajime Katoki, Mika Akitaka, Yasushi Ishizu Music: Mitsuo Hagita Producers: Matsuo Ueda (Sunrise), Minoru Takanashi (Bandai) Directors: Mitsuko Kase, Takashi Imanishi Series Supervisor: Takashi Imanishi

Produced by: SUNRISE, INC. Bandai Visual Co. Ltd. English Adaptation by: BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT, INC. in association with: ZRO LIMIT PRODUCTIONS

[edit] Cast

<<Under Construction>>

Copyright 1991-1998 Sotsu Agency * Sunrise

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