Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Mobile Suit Gundam F91
List of Characters (work in progress)Seabook Arno, Cecily Fairchild, Iron Mask, Roy Jung, Theo Fairchild, Dorel Ronah, Reese Arno, Monica Arno
List of Mobile Suits (work in progress)Earth Federation Gundam F91, G-Cannon, Heavygun, Jegan Civilian Guntank R-44 Crossbone Vanguard Den'an Zon
List of Locations (work in progress)Frontier Side, Cosmo Babylonia


[edit] Summary

Universal Century 0123. After a generation of peace, the Earth Federation has begun to build new space colonies to house humanity's growing population. But a new force, the aristocratic Crossbone Vanguard, plans to seize the colonies of the newly constructed Frontier Side for itself.

As their home becomes a battlefield, a handful of young civilians struggle to escape the conflict. To save his friends and family, the reluctant warrior Seabook Arno becomes the pilot of a new Gundam which bears the code name F91.

[edit] DVD Special Features

Disc 1 Features

  • Feature Film
  • English Stereo
  • Japanese Stereo
  • Gundam Encyclopedia

Bonus Disc 2 Features

  • Feature with All-new English 5.1 Dolby Digital audio
  • Commentary with Sunrise Producer Nobuo Masuda, Producer Eric Sherman, and ADR Director Tony Oliver
  • Trailer Collection
  • Character Files
  • Gundam Timeline
  • Image Gallery

118 Minutes PG-13

[edit] Credits


  • Developed and Produced by: SUNRISE
  • Executive Producer: Eiji Yamaura Developed by:Hajime Yatate Screenplay by Tsunehisa Ito, Yoshiyuki Tomino Character Design: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Mechanical Design: Kunio Okawara Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda Director of Photography: Atsushi Okui Music: Satoshi Kadokura Sound Director: Sadayoshi Fujino Written and Directed by: Yoshiyuki Tomino

Illustrated by: Kunio Okawara

[edit] Cast

<<Under Construction>>

Copyright 1991-2004 Sotsu Agency * Sunrise

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