Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre Raberba Winner
Quatre Winner.jpg
NameQuatre Raberba Winner
BirthplaceL4 Colony
Gundams PilotedSandrock, Sandrock Kai
MentorInstructor H

Quatre is a pacifist and dislikes fighting. He will even aplogize to his opponents before destroying them. It's obvious that he doesn't fight unless he absolutely has to. Even though he is kind, he is also strong. The others look up to him, and even make him leader later on. Quatre is the only son of the Winner family, but gave everything up to fight for what he believes in. Believe it or not, Quatre used to hate himself. After meeting the Maganac Corp leader this all changed. Quatre believed that he was a test tube baby, but the Maganac Corps taught him that this didn't matter. Now they stand by his side through thick and thin, as friends and protectors. Throughout the series, Quatre proves many times that peace is achievable.

[edit] Quotes

"It hurts--my body, and my soul."

"You'll die, Heero. But I don't want to kill my friends. Please, get away, Heero!"

"This isn't right..."

"The Earth...it's so beautiful..."

"Is kindness necesary in a war?"

"Goodbye, friend Trowa! We'll meet again!"

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