Wing Zero EW

Wing Zero EW
Gundam ModelWing Zero
AppearanceMobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz


[edit] Wing Gundam Zero

[edit] Model Number


[edit] Head Height

16.7 m

[edit] Dry Weight

8.0 t

[edit] Generator Output

3732 kW

[edit] Thruster Output

88150 kg

[edit] Armor

Gundanium Alloy

[edit] Armament

twin buster rifle x 1
beam saber x 2
machine cannon x 2

[edit] Pilots

Heero Yuy

[edit] Description

The very first Gundam, designed 16 years before any other, is more powerful than any of the five original Gundams. The Wing Zero's most powerful and dangerous feature is the Zero System, a control interface that feeds tactical data and combat simulations directly into the pilot's mind. Heero Yuy is one of the few pilots capable of handling this system. Its primary weapon is the devastating twin buster rifle. The Wing Zero lacks a "bird mode" transformation, but has a set of feathered wings that enables it to survive re-entry and glide through the atmosphere.

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